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1) Review your Excel tables from the minilab. Make sure that you understand how the cells/columns were formatted.

2) Create a new table with the following headings: Block, Density (experimental), Substance, Density (actual), Relative Error.
Review Coulomb's Law using Giancolli (16-5). Make sure to take note of the following ideas/concepts:
  • elementary charge, e 
  • quantized (What does it mean when it says, "Electric charge is quantized?")
  • electrostatics
  • principle of superposition
Copy & Answer the following in your notes: (from Giancolli; show your work)
  a. Questions 9-10, page 464
  b. Problems 1-5 of page 465

1) Complete your data tables from the Measurement activity. Make sure that you include your initial inferences about each block's composition in your notes. 

2) Write up a procedure for the process your group used to arrive at your values.
1.  Answer Exercises 1-8 on pages 1-3 of Hamper. Write down your work and final answers in your notes.

1st CAS Interview 


Class of 2013

JUNIORS:  A quick reminder for the Class of 2013: 1st Interviews will begin from Aug. 22 (Monday) until Sept. 1 (Thursday). Read more about what the 1st interview is about here.  

Also, "Year 1 Self-Review" posts should already be done and published. Those 
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I apologize for the (hopefully temporary) inconvenience this might be causing you. I have been reading up on possible causes of this, and to be honest, it's still quite uncertain why this is happening, and seemingly at random intervals. As of this writing, there are 3 active email subscriptions and another 11 awaiting verification. A few have been able to subscribe successfully, which makes it a very curious thing why the others are getting the '404'. From my own experience, I haven't had any problems registering numerous email addresses and verifying the ones that I own. I have tried it with two of my own addresses to test the subscription process and both times went through without a hitch. (I have been using Chrome and Safari browsers on Vista and OSX Lion, from both my home network and the school's wifi and lan connections.)

I will continue to troubleshoot this (and hope that Google, who quite recently acquired Feedburner, will get its act together and figure out this bug). For the meantime, could you please leave a comment after this post to let me know whether or not you experienced this issue. (Please let me know as well if you are receiving, or have received, updates via email whenever I post something new...like this message.)


Hello again, Juniors & Seniors =)

Just wanted to make sure you know of the Activity Log form that is now available for download. Click on the image to take you to its info page for further instructions and suggestions for its use. (It can also be downloaded from the Resources > Downloads section of this site.) 

Hope you find it useful.


1.  Make sure you have finished reading through Ch 1 and Appendices A & B of Hewitt.

2.  If you haven't left/shared your thoughts yet in our forum topics, click on this link and let your voice be heard.
Read up on 6.1 (Gravitational Force & Field) & 6.2 (Gravitational Potential) of your text (Hamper).

Take down the basic definitions of the following in your notes:
  • Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation
  • gravitational field & gravitational field strength
  • gravitational potential

Copy & answer Exercises 1-5 of Lesson 6.1 (Hamper) in your notes.

Copy and solve Exercises 28, 29, 30 of page 131 of the Giancolli text.

We have a new form and a tweaked process for writing up your proposals starting this August. For those of you who have not been to the meetings or have not yet had a chance to consult with me, please read through the Activity Proposals page (Courses > CAS > Student Responsibilities > Activity Proposals) and follow the instructions.

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