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Hello Juniors and Seniors! A belated, "Welcome back to school!" I hope that you've all gotten into the groove of things by now, and are well under way with your Planning Forms for the year.

To kick the year off, we're updating our Activity Proposal form. It is now an editable PDF file that you can open and fill in using any pdf reader, like Preview for Mac users, or Adobe Reader (download it for free here). Hopefully, this will make it more accessible and easier to use compared to the Word document version last year, especially for those who do not have access to Microsoft Word. You can check out (and download) the new form by clicking the image on the right, or from the Proposal page of this site.

A handful of our other forms are going through the same upgrade process to make them all more universally accessible, so please make sure to download the new forms by the end of the week. Next in line is the Year Planning form, which will be available for download by tomorrow morning.

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