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1st CAS Interview 


Class of 2013

JUNIORS:  A quick reminder for the Class of 2013: 1st Interviews will begin from Aug. 22 (Monday) until Sept. 1 (Thursday). Read more about what the 1st interview is about here.  

Also, "Year 1 Self-Review" posts should already be done and published. Those 
who have not finished setting up their Weebly sites/blogs, please come see me (bring your computer). 

JUNIORS & SENIORS:  1st semester clubs are starting this week. If you plan to include any of your after-school clubs in your CAS program, make sure to write up the needed proposal and get it to the respective supervisor for the required signature. Get the completed proposal form turned in by the end of the week. For more info on the proposal process, read the Activity Proposals page.

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