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New Advisers!!!

We have four new CAS advisers joining our program this year. Ms. Fernandez, Ms. Pascual, Mrs. Thompson, and Mr. Cosca have volunteered their time and guidance to help make your CAS experiences as meaningful and as fruitful as possible. 

The groupings of the advisers and their charges are as follows:

Please make sure to check-in with your advisers regarding the two items below:

1st Interviews:

The period for 1st Interviews (for Juniors in particular) has been extended until the end of September. If you haven't met with your CAS adviser yet, please set an appointment as early as you can. Remember to fill in the Planning Form (and have it signed by your parent/guardian) before meeting with your adviser. For more information about the CAS Interviews, click here.

Planning Forms

For Juniors AND Seniors: Please make sure that you fill up a planning form to indicate the activities you want to undertake throughout the year (or longer.) Present this form to your adviser for feedback regarding the balance with regards to Creativity, Action, Service.

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