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Welcome to School Year 2011-212, Subic Razorbacks =) I hope that you had a restful yet fun summer vacation. The sunny months have come and gone, and now the wet weather's back...and so are your teachers!
It's really important to get a strong start for the year, so do yourself a favor and make use of the tools that your teachers have prepared for you. Some would have made sites (like this), others organizers and planners, and even physical binders for each class. Whatever form your teacher may have chosen, time and planning went into preparing these tools, so try to show your appreciation by making good use of them.

A few reminders that may help get you in the "zone" for school:
  • Make it a point to go to your classes on time, and with the appropriate text and gear. 
  • Leave a good starting impression by completing all homework/classwork and submitting them on time.
  • Ask questions and participate in class. (Tip: Questions are almost always easier at the beginning of the unit. Get your recitation and face-recall with the teacher at this time.)
  • Get enough sleep AT HOME. Our school chairs and desks were never meant for catching zzz's.
  • Lastly, try to attract only the positive kind of attention from teachers and peers alike. (You know what I mean...but in case you're not sure, check out the cool new Student Handbook.)

I know that all this should be common sense already, right? Well, it seems (at least to me) common sense may not be so common to all these days. (Did you get 5-out-of-5 from the checklist above? If you did, kudos to you and keep it up, kid!)
See you all on Monday with a smile on your face and a pep in your step. =)


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