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Here are a couple of things to keep in mind for the rest of this week:
  • PTA Christmas Fund Drive 
PTA is asking for help in putting together the following items. Each Upper School student can donate:
At least 5 canned goods
At least 1 (one) full-sized tube of toothpaste (new, unopened)

Please bring your donations to the classroom as soon as you can.
  • Chapel tomorrow (will start at 9:50am -- 10 minutes later than usual)
1st block will go a little bit longer tomorrow, to accommodate the Lower School who are rehearsing in the MPH during 1st block. 
  • House X-Country on Friday -- All 10th graders are required to participate =)
That's all for now. Have a productive week.

Donggue Kim

Mr.T. I got a question. What will happen on that day if it is raining? Are we going to be still running in the rain? Or will be postpone or cancel?


I believe as long as it's just a drizzle/light rain, X-Country will push through. It's actually quite fun to run in the rain, right? =)

(To be sure, please check with your PE teachers as well.)

Donggue Kim

Thank you Mr. T. I will check with my PE teachers and will ask them if we can still enjoy that situation :) Hopefully I will not get slide down to the floor while I am running if it is raining on Friday :)


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