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1) Use Excel (or any other spreadsheet program) to put together your data tables for the Physics 500 activity. (Collected data, Processed data) Please include a short description for each movement activity your group chose to use.

I only need ONE spreadsheet per group, so please sort it out with your members as to who will send me a copy. Please list down the names of the group members in the spreadsheet as well. (Make sure, though, that you each have your own copies of your data, and that you understand how to create and use spreadsheet tables with formula for basic computations.) 

2) Answer the questions at the end of the activity worksheet individually.

3) Study Chapter 2 of your Hewitt text. Familiarize yourself with the following terms: motion, speed, average speed, instantaneous speed, velocity, acceleration, free fall.



To clarify #2: You only need to answer the questions in the Physics 500 activity sheet. Leave the exercises from the Motion handout for later (unless you are looking to have some fun...then go ahead and enjoy!) 😝

Charlie Dams

Mr.T for the Processed data do you need the average only ? Thanks


@Charlie: Yes, just the averages for the Processed Data table. 😜


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