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Please read through the short explanation below about the final essay you need to write about your whole CAS experience. Don't forget to finish the Completion form to identify your evidences for each learning outcome specified. These two documents are needed before you have the final interview with your advisers. Once your final essay and completion form are posted on your blog (or turned in) then we can proceed with your final interview. Advisers will need to read through your final essay before confirming your interview date and time. Please keep me/us posted on your progress.
At the end of the two-year CAS programme, each IB Diploma student is required to write a clear and complete critical reflection on your entire CAS experience based on the 8 Learning Outcomes. The essay should be approximately 500 words. 

Your essay should address:
  • The extent to which you have developed personally as a result of your activities.
  • The understanding, skills and values acquired through the experience.
  • How others may have benefited from your activities.
  • Initiative, planning and organization involved in your CAS experiences.
  • The amount of effort and commitment you have displayed.
  • The degree of personal challenge in your activities.

See me for any questions or clarifications.

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