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Read up on 6.1 (Gravitational Force & Field) & 6.2 (Gravitational Potential) of your text (Hamper).

Take down the basic definitions of the following in your notes:
  • Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation
  • gravitational field & gravitational field strength
  • gravitational potential

Copy & answer Exercises 1-5 of Lesson 6.1 (Hamper) in your notes.

Copy and solve Exercises 28, 29, 30 of page 131 of the Giancolli text.

Alan Lee

Are you using only the Giancolli's text book?? and it's the purple one right?

Jack Hu

How if I am using the HL book?? Is it still the same questions?


Hey guys, please read the instructions again (and more carefully this time...hehehe).

Alan: Hamper is the 'purple book'.

Jack: They are the same questions. (Don't worry, I made sure. hehehe) See you guys tomorrow.


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