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Hello Juniors and Seniors! A belated, "Welcome back to school!" I hope that you've all gotten into the groove of things by now, and are well under way with your Planning Forms for the year.

To kick the year off, we're updating our Activity Proposal form. It is now an editable PDF file that you can open and fill in using any pdf reader, like Preview for Mac users, or Adobe Reader (download it for free here). Hopefully, this will make it more accessible and easier to use compared to the Word document version last year, especially for those who do not have access to Microsoft Word. You can check out (and download) the new form by clicking the image on the right, or from the Proposal page of this site.

A handful of our other forms are going through the same upgrade process to make them all more universally accessible, so please make sure to download the new forms by the end of the week. Next in line is the Year Planning form, which will be available for download by tomorrow morning.

Please read through the short explanation below about the final essay you need to write about your whole CAS experience. Don't forget to finish the Completion form to identify your evidences for each learning outcome specified. These two documents are needed before you have the final interview with your advisers. Once your final essay and completion form are posted on your blog (or turned in) then we can proceed with your final interview. Advisers will need to read through your final essay before confirming your interview date and time. Please keep me/us posted on your progress.
At the end of the two-year CAS programme, each IB Diploma student is required to write a clear and complete critical reflection on your entire CAS experience based on the 8 Learning Outcomes. The essay should be approximately 500 words. 

Your essay should address:
  • The extent to which you have developed personally as a result of your activities.
  • The understanding, skills and values acquired through the experience.
  • How others may have benefited from your activities.
  • Initiative, planning and organization involved in your CAS experiences.
  • The amount of effort and commitment you have displayed.
  • The degree of personal challenge in your activities.

See me for any questions or clarifications.
Oh wow. It has been quite a while since I was last able to make time for this blog. My sincere apologies to those who actually check in for updates or reminders. I think I have things under (better) control now, so hopefully I can be more consistent here as well.

SENIORS: Get your Completion forms in, ASAP. You should be well into your final CAS essay (more on this in another post) by now, so please finish up and sign up for your final interviews. 

JUNIORS: Check in with your advisers if you haven't done your second interviews yet. You should be having conversations about learning outcomes and possible summer break activities that you can do for your CAS. Keep your blogs up-to-date with journals for your current activities, and make sure to write your final reflections for finished projects, share them with your supervisors, and ask for an evaluation. If you need help or have questions about any of these, check with your advisers (or with me).

More posts to come regarding: POCCH outreach, final CAS essay. Stay tuned!
New Advisers!!!

We have four new CAS advisers joining our program this year. Ms. Fernandez, Ms. Pascual, Mrs. Thompson, and Mr. Cosca have volunteered their time and guidance to help make your CAS experiences as meaningful and as fruitful as possible. 

The groupings of the advisers and their charges are as follows:

"On October 2-3, 2011, the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority and Resom Resort Philippines, Inc (RRPI), in partnership with 5050 Meerae Forum (a non-government organization in Korea), will be holding a medical mission at the Bataan Techno Park, Inc. (BTPI) in Morong, Bataan."


1st CAS Interview 


Class of 2013

JUNIORS:  A quick reminder for the Class of 2013: 1st Interviews will begin from Aug. 22 (Monday) until Sept. 1 (Thursday). Read more about what the 1st interview is about here.  

Also, "Year 1 Self-Review" posts should already be done and published. Those 

Hello again, Juniors & Seniors =)

Just wanted to make sure you know of the Activity Log form that is now available for download. Click on the image to take you to its info page for further instructions and suggestions for its use. (It can also be downloaded from the Resources > Downloads section of this site.) 

Hope you find it useful.


We have a new form and a tweaked process for writing up your proposals starting this August. For those of you who have not been to the meetings or have not yet had a chance to consult with me, please read through the Activity Proposals page (Courses > CAS > Student Responsibilities > Activity Proposals) and follow the instructions.


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Initial Self-Review for Class 2012
by Brent Baguio's CAS Coordinator 
-- Thank you, Ms. Wright :smile:

Copy and paste the content below into your newly created CAS blog. 
Entitle the new post "Year 1 Self-Review".


Ocean Conservancy is knocking on our doors once again as it invites everybody to participate in the International Coastal Cleanup 2011 this coming September 17. Together with the Lighthouse Marina  

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